Get Certified

What is Safe Shop Assured™ certification?

Safe Shop Assured certification is available to retailers who satisfy a checklist of essential safety measures identified by our panel of retailers, suppliers, and industry experts. Retailers who intend to implement these measures may also begin the certification process.

How does this benefit my brand?

Consumers and employees do not currently have a way to judge whether one retailer has implemented stronger safety measures than another. Retailers who earn Safe Shop Assured certification instantly obtain a point of differentiation between themselves and their competitors. This enables them to better communicate their commitment to a safe shopping experience—as validated by an independent, third-party organization.

How do you ensure compliance?

An annual, independent verification process ensures that retailers comply with the requirements of Safe Shop Assured certification.

What are the requirements?

To earn Safe Shop Assured certification, retailers must have the following implemented at each of their stores.
  1. Comply with government mandates
  2. Install acrylic dividers at transaction points
  3. Provide PPE to employees
  4. Post safety guideline signs at entrances
  5. Install social distancing floor markers
  6. Provide hand sanitizer station for customers & employees
  7. Implement daily cleaning protocols for high touch areas
  8. Stores are clean, well-maintained, well-lit, and organized
  9. Maintain & log employee daily health questionnaire
  10. Enforce strict employee sick policy

How long does it take to obtain certification?

Retailers have many demands on their time, and Safe Shop will work with you to make the process as simple as possible. Click below to get started.