Certification Standards

Why Certify?

Everyone wants to feel good about where they shop, dine, and work. 

Safe Shop Assured™ certification sends a clear message to consumers—and potential employees—that your company maintains high standards for cleanliness and safety. Joining the Safe Shop community creates an instant point of distinction between your brand and your competitors.

Safe Shop Assured™ Certification Standards

To gain Safe Shop Assured™ certification, businesses must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Interior and exterior areas are well-lit
  2. Stores are clean and well-maintained
  3. Stores present shoppers with an inviting atmosphere
  4. Daily cleaning protocols are implemented for high-touch areas
  5. Fuel forecourts are regularly cleaned
  6. Employees adhere to a checklist of cleaning routines
  7. Hand sanitizer is available for customers and employees
  8. Sick policies encourage employees to stay home until they’ve recovered
  9. Stores display age-verification requirements for age-restricted products
  10. Stores comply with government safety mandates

How long does it take to obtain certification?

Retailers who meet our standards can obtain certification in as little as a few weeks. The actual timeline depends on the unique circumstances of each brand, but the Safe Shop team works with businesses to make the process as simple as possible. 

How long is Safe Shop Assured™ certification good for?

Certification lasts for one year and is subject to an annual recertification process. 

What does the certification process entail?

  1. Inspect. Businesses submit a list of locations, and we provide access to a web-based form that enables site managers to submit required documentation. The Safe Shop team will also investigate each business using a variety of information including, but not limited to, site visits, online ratings and reviews, and public records.
  2. Verify. The Safe Shop team concludes its investigation and assesses whether or not a business meets our certification standards.
  3. Onboard. Businesses receive a framed certificate for each location, and key departments are provided with onboarding kits. Access is granted to the Safe Shop store for branded signage and graphics.
  4. Promote. Safe Shop works with your marketing team to promote your inclusion in our certification program.
  5. Recertify. After a period of one year, businesses pay a reactivation fee and resubmit documentation to prove they continue to satisfy Safe Shop’s standards.

How does Safe Shop ensure ongoing compliance?

In-between the annual recertification process, Safe Shop monitors online ratings, reviews, and other sources of customer feedback. Safe Shop team members—and vendor and supplier partners—also visit individual stores and ensure that standards are upheld.

Is Safe Shop just for fuel and convenience retailers?

No. Although Safe Shop is the first third-party store safety certification to emerge from the fuel and convenience retailing industry, we are open to working with other retail and non-retail verticals. Contact us to learn more.